Martin Armstrong

Founder of Armstrong Economics and Author of The Cycle of War & the Coronavirus and Manipulating the World Economy

Armstrong Economics offers unique perspective intended to educate the general public and organizations on the underlying trends within the global economic and political environment. Our mission is to research historical cyclical patterns and market behavior in timing, price and crisis to better understand and identify potential future trends, using an extensive monetary database and advanced proprietary models.

Armstrong’s Socrates Artificial Intelligence program monitors the entire world, writes reports, and generates charts and graphs.

Examples of successful real world Socrates predictions for Lebanon, Saudi Arabia.  Computer picks up capital flow movements.

E.g. What would China do first if they were to invade the US?  Sell off US debt. 

Selloffs mean the money will be spent somewhere else.

Does Socrates need to be continually tweaked?  No, it uploads new information itself.  Only 6 people needed to monitor it.  It’s not politically oriented.

First forecast of Socrates in the 80s was that the British pound would fall and British economy would flip in line with the US and countertrend to Europe.  Britain was then becoming energy independent with Black Sea oil and Europe was still dependent for energy.

They staged a coup to get rid of Margaret Thatcher and John Major brought Britain into the EMR.

Bretton Woods collapsed because of a business cycle.  Politicians don’t understand currency.

In 2014 after Ukraine coup d’état, Obama said he wanted SWIFT to remove Russia.  They refused, twice.

We used to have sanctions between countries.  Now sanctions involve individuals. 

It’s no longer a global economy.  Biden has split the world economy in half.

Europeans are being driven by climate change zealots.  All they care about is reducing fossil fuels.  They want to destroy as much as possible the ability to produce energy.  They think solutions will come later.

Different situation in 3rd world countries with no social support networks.  They don’t have the resources the West does.  They will riot first.  E.g. Sri Lanka.

European Commission leader says she doesn’t understand why electricity prices will be higher this winter.

Ukraine is the flat land.  It’s where all the pipelines come together.  Black Plague started there.  Have been invaded multiple times – the tanks can come through there.  Is why Putin didn’t want NATO in Ukraine. 

John McCain was the leader of the NeoCons.  Nasty person.  It didn’t matter what Russia did, McCain thought they would always be the enemy.

Putin is Russia’s leader because of a plot to take over Russia.  They wanted NATO to absorb Russia.  Armstrong has a new book coming out about it called Seizure of Russia, based on declassified documents from Clinton’s presidency.  Putin was not a communist nor an oligarch.  Yeltsin turned to Putin because he was neutral.   Yeltsin’s last words to Putin: “Protect Russia”.

Neocons thought we’d take out the dictators and the people would appreciate us for doing so.  But you can’t change the culture of a country just by removing the leader.

Climate change people are controlling Biden today.  So-called globalists are backing away. 

Antagonism between Armstrong and Klaus Schwab.  Schwab is a Marxist.  Thinks Marxism failed because they didn’t have US and Europe in with them.  Won’t acknowledge it as a failed policy.

When forming the Euro, they didn’t consolidate debt.  Europe has cancelled currencies routinely.  US has never cancelled its currency.

Biden has split the country.  Civil War was because of state’s rights issues, not slavery.  People didn’t want to be dictated to by federal government.  Abortion rights, taxes – current hotspots because of efforts to federalize them.  State’s rights issues again a cause of discord.

Hillary created the student loan situation.  Designed loans so they couldn’t be defaulted on.  So bankers set it up so parents would cosign and they can take parent’s assets.  Can’t dismiss student loans in bankruptcy. 

They think if they can push us down, and price of energy is high, you will end up with an electric car.  Never mind the limited range.

Socrates says US will split.  South joins with the Midwest.  Northeast by itself.  Northwest formed by California, Washington, Oregon. 

They’re trying to make us the same.  What creates civilization is when we can come together for our mutual benefit.  Not when it’s imposed.

Before 1971, couldn’t borrow against a eBond.  Thought less inflationary to borrow than to print.  After fall of Bretton Woods, can borrow against federal debt.  We don’t borrow from the Fed anymore.  It’s just money that pays interest.  Fed’s money supply theories are antiquated. 

Changes in money theory after 1929 because of the change to Keynesian economics.  But it’s expectations that count.  Raising taxes will only make us go into a recession. 

Politicians say vote for me because I’ll take from this guy and give it to you.

614 billionaires in US.  Why are 87,000 new IRS agents needed to go after the billionaires, which is what they claim?

Only Americans and Japanese are taxed on worldwide income, and that was instituted by the US Supreme Court.

Socialism violates the 10 commandments, based on Equal Protection Clause and Religious rights.

This inflation is different.  COVID measures destroyed the capacity to produce.  Raising interest rates doesn’t make sense for situations where prices are rising because of shortages.

The situation with Russia is quite serious.  People in the Donbass are Russians.  Khrushchev and Brezhnev were born in the Donbass.  You don’t have ethnic Ukrainians.  Minsk agreement was to allow the Donbass to vote, but they never were allowed.  After 2014 revolution, US put in an interim government, which immediately attacked the Donbass.  Zelensky was elected on lies to end corruption and seek peace with Russia.  He has over $100 million stashed.

What will happen in the midterms?  If Republicans elected, might help the economy.  The best shot is the House.  They are desperate, which is why they raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago.  Biden might grant citizenship to illegals 3 weeks before the election.  DOJ has sued Arizona for legislation preventing illegals from voting.

Armstrong predicts a separatist movement in the future.  Look at Rome for an historical example.  Socrates shows a sharp rise in geopolitical and civil unrest for next year.  Mara-a-Lago raid has led to tremendous decrease in the political status of the US outside the US.  The Democratic don’t understand what is happening.

2023 will be a challenging year for the United States.  Can we fight Russia and China at the same time?  North Korea sending 100,000 troops to Ukraine.  US is creating bonds between countries on the opposite side.

China is not communist.  The government does not own everything.  Wouldn’t see so many Chinese tourists if they were communist.

Putin is not going to be defeated by Ukraine.  He’s a moderate.  We’re in trouble if he’s gone. 

Armstrong’s 2022 Annual World Economic Conference being held November 11-13 in Orlando, FL.  Main blog is free.  Socrates overview is $15/month, with higher levels of service available.  Socrates writes 1000 reports a day.  They are not an individual’s opinion.

Will the computers take us over?  Not a realistic concept. 

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