Patrick Timpone

Money, Power, Control: Will the Power Junkies Ever Give Up?

When will the power junkies quit?  It depends on us.

Canadian truckers formed Freedom Convoy to protest COVID-19 vaccine mandates.  Truckers around the world creating their own convoys.

What is the consciousness of creating disease?

Writing vs. watching movies.  What makes Russian movies different?

What is Patrick’s morning supplement regime?  Taken between 7-9 am: Pine pollen, Elk antler velvet, Prime. 

Observing your thoughts, as in meditation routines vs. We are the thought.

We are a law unto ourselves.  Thinking for ourselves, acting for ourselves.  We don’t need anything else.  Don’t get trapped by others.

Awakening into higher planes.  Changing our state of consciousness to another reality.  That’s all death is.

Listener Mary has learned to die daily, as per disciple Paul’s adage.

Healing happens when we get out of the way.

Does breathing hydrogen, CBD oil, and other therapies work by accessing our spiritual consciousness?

We don’t need anything but God.

Atom says climate change is nuclear gas power. 

All the energy we need is right here right now – it’s divine spirit.  See Lost History accounts.

It’s not about the money.  It’s about control.  They want us beholden to them for our needs.

Can we see past lives?  Is it all now?

Eckankar is the path of what is.  Spiritual master Paul Twitchell shares the consciousness of his state of God realization.

Megan wants to know the best water for drinking?   Patrick recommends H20 Labs distiller, available at

Costco restricts unvaxxed to buy only food and pharmaceuticals, first stand in a stall and then be escorted around.  Do you want to support that consciousness?

We are all a work in progress, and we are always being challenged by divine spirit.

Creation is bringing down higher informational vibration than what is here.

Cornucopia Pet Foods is having a special.

Listener asks why Patrick took turpentine and what his schedule was.  Using it with castor oil or sugar? 

Listener asks how to treat IPF – idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis?

Listener shares how they cook fish.  Patrick shares his method.

A man is not a means to an end.  He is an end in himself. – Ayn Rand.

Listener asks if Malone, McCullough, and Rogan are controlled opposition?

Listener had a mastectomy.  Questions about sauna. 

Rose questions Dr. Peat’s advice to give a child aspirin and sugar.

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