Patrick Timpone

Stress & Tension Are the Root Causes of Disease

When we put attention somewhere, that’s where we are. 

Learning from direct perception rather than a book.  More awareness of what is.

All politics is performance art.  Best they can do is leave us alone. 

Predicted red wave didn’t happen.  A bust for sanity. 

Most people haven’t awakened enough to realize the socialist Marxist globalists are destroying the country.  The majority of Americans are with them and are fast asleep. 

Will every failing metric continue?  We don’t change until we are so miserable we can’t stand it anymore.

Forget everything about the way you think it is.  Give up old beliefs.   Go inside, meet spiritual masters and angels.

If you understand the biomechanics of the body, you’ll realize lifting weights and jogging is a waste of time.

Video demonstration of using X3 bands.  Can use in a variety of routines.  More info at

X3 Bands on pre-holiday sale now at ORN for $399.

Using X3 Bands helps make hormones.  Makes you stronger everywhere.

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Tension goes everywhere but can accumulate in a particular organ.  Builds up, constricts circulation.

Meat, herbs and supplements are information that is a vibration that works with the body’s energetics.  As people feel better, they have more energy to do spiritual things.

Parasites come in us to clean stuff up.  They serve a purpose.  Is it beneficial to kill them?

Listener asks about Grass-finished vs. Grain-finished beef.  How much difference does the grain make?  What about the possibility of antibiotics and hormones?  Price difference?

If you don’t want to kill anything and you believe you can be a vegetarian, will your consciousness keep you healthy?  Probably yes if you add eggs, butter, and cheese as a source of animal-based fat.

X3 Bands comes with videos about how to use them.  Use slow and controlled movement, never losing tension on the band.  Count reps and track them.  Do every exercise until you come to complete failure. 

Focusing on a painful part of the body makes the pain worse.  Focus on a particular muscle strengthens it. 

Pemmican – fat mixed with dried meat.  American Indians used it as food.  Make it yourself.  Good survival food.

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Listener rants about cost of living increase and how it impacts her personally.

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