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By Atom Bergstrom

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According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) …

“Why would the Devil want to use my soul as charcoal for his oven?”

“You don’t HAVE a soul. You ARE soul. If this immortal soul is taken care of by a mortal body, I think you got a lousy deal.”

“What did they do for centuries? They fed you spiritual pablum. Soul is the monitoring principle within yourself, learning to relate to WHAT you are.”

“A baby is not soul. A baby is chemistry. A shirt is just a name — it’s really a cloth.”

“Omar Khayyam’s mistake was that he made soul a separate entity of his I-ness.”

“God plays hide and seek. Don’t pursue the truth. The truth is YOU.”

“There is no death, only to those who don’t want to breathe on time.”

“Aging comes from thinking that you have a soul.”

“With the mind, you search for God. With the soul, you’re not searching for anything. But you need your mind to realize you’re nothing — no THING. Those who can do it are doing it, those who can’t are teaching it.”

“It’s easy to get fifteen minutes of silence in the MIND. What is all the knowledge in all the books in the world compared to fifteen minutes of silence in the SOUL?”

“The Science of the Soul is taught from the inside by the Master.”

“The only Master is the master of the cell, the master of living soil, the 144 elements. This is the Living God, a walking model of the 144 elements.”

“Guru is ‘Gee, you are you.’ Do you recognize it? And backwards, it’s a ‘u rug’ – a rug you can walk on.”

“The soul plays the four roles as scholars, soldiers, merchants, and porters and garbage collectors. Soul is an actor, and finds competency in one of the four roles.”

“Horse, saddle, reins, rider, and hurdles, are body, mind, spirit, soul, and obstacles.”

“God and soul are food and husk.”

“Mind doesn’t want to discern. It’s too busy getting involved and attached.”

“The Popeye mind says, ‘I am what I am what I am,’ or ‘a rose is a rose is a rose.'”

“Mind is Moving In No Direction.”

“It’s better to be lucky than smart.”

“The philosophic mind will lead you into a nebulous region to produce more distress.”

“The therapeutic term is specific. The philosophic term is nebulous.”

“We are interested in the supremacy of mind over soul, instead of soul over mind. Our books are titled Mind Power, Mind Dynamics, Mind Control, Divine Consciousness, etc.”

“We perceive through the five senses. We are programmed into the kinesis function of the cell externally by an imposing force, and the imposing force is our environmental pressure, which gives us polarization in a directional movement. So we act, input-output movements all the time. And we then live with the psychological illusion of what is called mind.”

“The suspension of consciousness occurs in the brain’s corpus callosum. That’s the Paramahansa, which means ‘Highest Swan.'”

“It’s only when one is confronted with the psychic forces and the abuse of psychic practices that one can really see what the Initiate life has to offer. Master Jesus put it another way by saying, ‘What profiteth a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?'”

“We can go to the various psychic group studies and see the various psychic phenomena being demonstrated, and you may appear unto them to be an absolutely worthless individual because you are not pulling off fancy tricks — you cannot do anything to impress them. At their best, the most they can ever do is to enter your consciousness and try to take from your consciousness. That is the best that psychic ability can ever do. Once you are initiated, it’s no longer possible.”

“Not all those who are initiated are Initiates.”

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  1. July 5, 2017 @ 10:14 pm Atom

    Maharaj Sawan Singh (Philosophy of the Masters, Series II, 1964) wrote …

    “The mind is like a crow, which has no other wish than to annoy people. But as soon as it is steeped in love, it becomes a swan and troubles no one.”–pics-TIRS-era.php


  2. July 9, 2017 @ 3:34 am Christopher

    Any tips on avoiding too much ATG (ADANO’s term ?) Attention getting syndromes. He called it worse than AIDS.


    • July 11, 2017 @ 7:49 pm Atom

      Attention-getting syndrome is Adano’s term.

      The only cure for ATG is finding out WHAT we are, and forgetting WHO we are.

      Giving up our biography for our biology is another way to phrase it.

      We DE-FINE ourselves as WHO, and FINE our cells as WHAT.

      “You’re entitled to your legal who,” Adano advised, also saying …

      “Get back to what you are, then you have the whole cosmos to live in.”


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