Spuds Brandishing Oxalates?

By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

Re: What is your favorite potato to eat?

Sierra gold or Yukon gold. I once liked “purple” potatoes, but haven’t found any tasty ones since the 1990s.


Re: So, you don’t bake them, right? You cut them up then boil them and put butter on them and eat?

We dextrinize our potatoes in the oven for an hour-and-a-half, then slop on the butter.


Re: Dextrinize means to cook?

According to Dr. Google, “When food containing starch is heated (without the presence of water) it can produce brown compounds due to dextrinization. Dextrinization occurs when the heat breaks the large starch polysaccharides into smaller molecules known as dextrins.”

The above definition is pretty much the two versions of dextrinization we’re using — pyro-dextrinization and pyro-protein coagulation.

CAUTION! Dextrinization means many other things to many other people and scientists! Various modifications of it are used extensively by corporate “food” cartels.


I once asked Ray Peat about dextrinization when he was on KMUD, and he only seemed to know about the corporate chemical types, and he also didn’t seem to know about the minimum temperature to create the ketones he often mentioned.

Many chefs are at the very least vaguely familiar with pyro- and cryo-dextrinization.


Re: The reason why I ask is because potatoes are a little high on oxalates. So if I remove the skin and boil them, I will reduce the oxalates substantially.

80% of our oxalates are manufactured internally from vitamin C.


According to the International Journal of Nephrology (Mar. 16, 2011) …

“Vitamin C is metabolized to oxalate. Oral or parenteral administration of this vitamin has been used in multiple settings such as an alternative treatment of malignancy or as an immune booster.”

Why do cancer patients submit to large IV doses of vitamin C? The oxalates kill cancer at the expense of the kidneys.


John Knight, et al. (“Ascorbic Acid Intake and Oxalate Synthesis,” Urolithiasis, Aug. 2016) wrote …

“More recent research has indicated that with even low levels of dietary AA [ascorbic acid] consumption, small increases in intake (> 281 mg/day vs < 105 mg/day) in male health professionals increased stone risk by 31%6, and total AA intake increased stone risk 2 fold in a large Swedish population. At the other extreme, individuals constantly consuming large oral doses of AA or receiving intravenous infusions, have been reported to develop oxalate nephropathy in several case reports. In contrast, a short term intravenous infusion of up to 100 g AA over a 6 hr period has been used as a pilot cancer treatment without any reported short term adverse events. A large increase in urinary oxalate excretion did accompany such infusions.”


If you are firmly determined to remove any barely toxic oxalates, it’s done the same way Polk Salad Annie detoxified her “poke salad.”

You boil the veggie-in-question, then pour off all the water.

You add fresh water, and boil it a second time, and pour off all the water.

You add fresh water, and boil it a third time, and pour off all the water.

You boil it a fourth time, and both the pokeweed and the water are safe to consume.

If you live in the woods and the swamp with Amos Moses the Cajun and Polk Salad Annie, you might have done this routine many times.

The folks living in Ranger, Texas, can give you further instructions too.

So can the people who were with Adano Ley and Margaret Berry during the “Great Polk Salad Massacre” in Tyler, Texas, in the 1970s.


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  1. January 5, 2023 @ 10:15 pm Atom

    The racist “science” of eugenics — currently disguised as “biotechnology” and “genetic engineering” — was rampant in the late-nineteenth and early twentieth century.

    U.S. American eugenics and racial sterilization programs inspired Hitler’s ethnic cleansing programs.


    Eugenics courses were taught at many U.S. universities, including Harvard, Cornell, and Columbia.

    Detailed racial records were kept by the Eugenics Record Office (ERO) and the American Breeders Association (ABA).


    The list of eugenics and “racial cleansing” proponents — from the fanatical to the luke-warm — is longer than most people realize.

    An Internet search of several hours revealed a few of the earlier “true believers” …

    Lord Arthur Balfour, William Bateson, Alexander Graham Bell, Luther Burbank, Alexis Carrell, Calvin Coolidge, Winston Churchill, Major Leonard Darwin, George Eastman, Charles William Eliot, Havelock Ellis, Irving Fisher, Henry Ford, Sir Francis Galton, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Madison Grant, Mrs. E.H. Harriman, Oliver Wendall Holmes, Lucien Howe, Reverend R.C. Hull, Aldous Huxley, Roswell Johnson, David Starr Jordan, John Harvey “Social Purity” Kellogg, John Maynard Keyes, Harry Laughlin, D.H. Lawrence, Joshua Lederberg, Reverend Dr. Kenneth C. MacArthur, Oscar C. McCulloch, William McDougall, Bernarr McFadden, William P. Merrill, Frederick Osborn, Linus Pauling, Raymond Pearl, William Lyon Phelps, Alfred Ploetz, John D. Rockefeller, John D. Rockefeller Jr., Theodore Roosevelt, Ernst Rudin, Margaret Sanger, George Bernard Shaw, Reverend Charles Slattery, Leo Stanley, Marie Stopes, Lewis Terman, Nikola Tesla, Edward Thorndike, August Vollmer, Reverend Charles L. Walworth, Sidney Webb, H.G. Wells, Albert E. Wiggam, Charles Wilson, Woodrow Wilson, Victoria C. “Lady Eugenics” Woodhull, Emile Zola, etc., etc., etc.
    Did you notice all the university chancellors in that list? Yale, Harvard, Stanford, etc.


  2. January 5, 2023 @ 10:16 pm Atom

    [][][] CALIFORNIA KARMA #1 [][][]

    Dr. Nu (“Dr. Leo Stanley and the San Quentin Eugenics Experiments, Jun. 30, 2014) …

    “When the ‘donors’ moved from humans to animals, Dr. [Leo] Stanley changed the procedure from implanting the glands to smashing them into a kind of slurry, which was injected into the patient’s abdomen just under the skin. Patients reported an increase in energy and health, although how much of that was psychological and how much actually resulted from the treatment itself is anyone’s guess. Many prisoners volunteered for the procedure; prison society is hyper-masculine, and any way to improve one’s physical strength and manliness was welcome in such a society. When World War II came around, volunteering for medical experiments gave prisoners a way to feel like they were helping a bigger cause.”


  3. January 5, 2023 @ 10:18 pm Atom

    [][][] CALIFORNIA KARMA #2 [][][]

    Shilpa Jindia (“Belly of the Beast: California’s dark history of forced sterilizations,” The Guardian, Jun. 20, 2020) wrote …

    “From 1909 to 1979, under the state eugenics laws, California forcibly sterilized about 20,000 people in state institutions who were deemed ‘unfit to produce’. The program disproportionately targeted the Latino community, women, people with disabilities and impairments — even those who had children out of wedlock. The mean age of victims was 17, and they included children as young as 12.”


  4. January 5, 2023 @ 10:20 pm Atom

    I might have been born in New Jersey and lived in Texas and other places, but I AM a Californian.

    Governor U-Haul and his wackazoids will eventually be nothing but a bitter memory.


  5. January 5, 2023 @ 10:21 pm Atom

    In the very early 1960s, my dead father came to me in a dream, and said, “I’ll see you April 3rd.” This was one of my very few “voice” dreams.
    It was so profound, I jumped out of bed to check an astrology book for April. It was a book for Aquarius that my mother had given me because she had mistakenly bought an Aquarian sign book instead of a Capricorn one.
    I opened up the book and something fell to the floor. It was a faded and well-worn cartoon strip I had drawn for my junior high school newspaper that my father had proudly carried around in his wallet!
    I thought I was a dead duck!
    A week or so later my wife returned from the doctor and announced, “I’m pregnant again and the due date is April 3rd.”
    I felt a wave of relief and exclaimed, “You’ll have that baby on April 3rd, and it will be a boy!”
    Our second son was born on April 3rd.


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