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Did you know when some ones hips or knees are most painful is when they  are healing.
These and other curious facts of they way things are in our body will be explored in a one hour special on Recall healing with Dr. Richard Massey M.D.

Recall Healing® is a synthesis made by Gilbert Renaud based on the work of Karl G. Jung, Claude Sabbah, Jack Chang, the Biopsychogenealogy and Biology of the physiology; Ryke Geerd Hamer with his concept of New Medicine.  Also inspired by the work of many others such Marc Fréchet, Robert Guinée, Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger, Itzhak Bentov, Paul Dirac; Bertrand Lemieux, Brandon Bays (The Journey), Daniel Benor (the butterfly hug), Karol K. Truman (Feelings buried alive never die) and more…

Dr. Ryke Hammer’s work in German New Medicine proved scientifically that the Recall Healing system is real

Joints are healing when we feel pain, not the other way around

Same often goes for the heart, as the heart is a protecting our territory thing and the vessels open and close working with this paradigm

Dr. Massey believes one of the misunderstandings is the ignorance of how important it is to stay positive and talk nice to our painful body

People who want to expand their territory in unsavory ways, tend to have heart issues

tension of having a body in physical reality in 2019 is a challenge for all Souls.  It is just the way it is.

Constipation is a lack of letting go and trusting God.

Patrick muses of how Recall Healing for the most part fits very nicely into his experience with karma

Some of the emails Dr. Massey was asked and responded to:

Morning y’all !! How how how does one overcome jealousy with other women ? Could it be the karma from father messing around on my mother when I was a baby ?

I emailed last year about my heart condition known as IHSS/HCM and Dr. Massey linked it to having to do with the left ventricle and unresolved issues with my father. Since then, I have gone through a marital separation and now I have been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. Since this diagnosis, I have given up drinking coffee and I am getting more careful about my diet and I am noticing a reduction in symptoms. I am also trying to reduce stress because of this loss of territory because I don’t want to trigger a heart attack. Does Dr. Massey have any other suggestions?

Dr. Richard Massey M.D. and a special Recall Healing show, April 11, 2019

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