Christopher Exley

Aluminum Toxicity Is a Very Real Problem


Christopher Exley is an English chemist known for his research on the health effects of aluminium exposure. He is Professor of Bioinorganic Chemistry and group leader of the Bioinorganic Chemistry Laboratory at Keele University. He is also an honorary professor at the UHI Millennium Institute. He has published research finding that Carole Cross, a woman who died from aluminium poisoning as a result of the 1988 Camelford water pollution incident, had brain levels of aluminium over twenty times higher than normal. In 2012, he testified in an inquest into Cross’s death in Taunton, England. He asserted that if victims of the poisoning consumed mineral water, even if they did so twenty-four years after the initial poisoning, it could help to remove the aluminium from their brains. He also criticized the government for advising residents of Cornwall to boil their water shortly after the incident, referring to this recommendation as “…the worst possible advice to give”.


Aluminum in vaccines for the little ones are a real challenge, as their bodies have never experienced this substance and does react in troubling ways

Aluminum in vaccines is an adjuvant, meaning it is used to distress the body in such a way to stimulate an immune response

Aluminum in the brain after some time will cause the cells to do what they are programmed to do, die.

Silican and not silica is a mineral that detoxes mercury out of the brain.  It is only found in some spring waters.  Fiji Water is one of the more well known bottled waters

Aluminum does come out in the sweat.  Hint:  Look into purchasing one of our Relax Far Infrared Saunas

The Aluminum is stored in various places in the body, depending on how and where it enters

Antacids are high in aluminium as are many deodorants and of course the ubiquitous aluminum beverage can 


Dr. Christopher Exley and his 35 years of research on the toxicity of aluminum, May 7, 2019

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  1. May 7, 2019 @ 10:53 pm Ron

    See situation , I work in a tractor / trailer “class 8” truck shop . I have had co-workers , wire wheel “with grinder” aluminum rims to clean tire to wheel sealing surfaces . When they are doing this , I can see & smell the aluminum dust in the air . Then I get the hell out of this environment till it clears . Is this aluminum dust as bad as the stuff put in vaccines & such ?


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