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How to Heal Your Metabolism


For over 20 years Kate Deering has been involved in the health and fitness industry helping men and women of all ages achieve optimal health and wellness. Kate’s practice is based on a holistic approach to health and wellness by looking at the entirety of a person’s well-being.  A person’s well-being includes diet, stress, exercise, posture, sleep, digestion, hormones, mind-set and lifestyle.  Kate believes maintaining all of these key components are vital to a person’s overall health and happiness.  Her expertise is based on certifications as a CHEK Exercise Coach, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach 2, Olympic Lifting Coach, Resistive-Stretching Practitioner and Certified Nutritional Consultant.

Kate, an athlete her entire life, has played competitive tennis, participated in dozens of running races, including the Las Vegas Marathon, hiked the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim and Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the continental U.S.  She is currently training in her second Pedal the Cause 100 mile Cycling event to raise money for cancer research.  Her personal accomplishments along with her education and training molded her approach to training her clients from a fitness-dominated perspective.  

In 2010, Kate realized her years of focus on solely physically training her body began to break down.  She hit a physical and emotional wall.  Everything she believed, practiced and espoused was no longer working. This is when Kate was introduced to the work of Dr. Ray Peat, Dr. Broda Barnes, Dr. Constance Martin, Dr. Han Selye, Dr. Uffe Ravnskov, Josh Rubin, Danny Roddy and many others.

Within one year, after spending significant time reading, researching and personal experimentation, Kate healed her body and her metabolism.  Along the way, her entire belief system about what constituted “true health” shifted 180 degrees from what she had been practicing during her almost 20 years in this industry.  Good health was a no longer defined by how many hours she could work out, how much will-power she had, or how low her body fat could get. Good health is now defined by a lack of injuries and sickness, great sleep, good digestion, healthy skin and hair, lean muscle and a warm body, overall happiness and emotional well being.

Kate knows and understands that the nutritional, mental, physical and spiritual components of a person’s life must act synergistically…one is not more important than the other.

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Show highlights:

What exactly is metabolism?

Do calories matters?

How we get in trouble with diets

The weight loss industry is booming. Has what it’s promoting really helped?

Losing weight quickly gets us into trouble

The pain’s in the brain; what does that mean?

Bringing healthy sugars back into your diet

Kate Deering is a huge Dr. Ray Peat fan. We understand why. She tells us about how she started introducing more carbohydrates and sugars into her diet

Some of the reasons certain people can’t process milk in the gut. Kate talks gut issues and what you can do to heal the gut. Rest and lowering stress are very important ingredients

Kate shares her insights on “burst” exercise

Kate has worked with many women who are infertile; she talks about a major cause of it

How Kate raised her body temperature; she explains why she was so cold to begin with

Kate shares her ideas on the Keto Diet

Some diet programs are great but when it stops you from listening to your body, problems tend to crop up

What does Kate do to detox her body? Supporting the liver is a huge factor

Are you a coffee drinker? Hear what Kate has to say about it. It’s good news

What’s a MexiCoke?

Should you be scared to drink Coke? Hear what Kate has to say about it. Fun, fun


Here’s the link to Kate’s latest book:


We do not have the audio file of this show, but we do have the video. Great interview. Check it out!



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