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peter ragnar 2Peter Ragnar is an internationally recognized author of twenty-nine books, as well as a speaker, qi gong master, and spiritual mentor. Peter has close to sixty years of heart-based experience as a martial artist and an expert in health, fitness, and organic living. His students come from all walks of life, ranging from world-champion kickboxers and Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductees to university professors, corporate executives, students, housewives, and others.

Peter is well known among elite strength athletes. He has been included in books such as I WILL BE IRON and SUPER VITALITY by the world’s strongest man, Bud Jeffries, as well as STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING SECRETS OF THE WORLD’S GREATEST FIGHTERS by former U.S. Olympic judo coach and president of Shingitai Jujitsu John Saylor. Peter’s teaching prowess was also acknowledged by his black belt student Chris Spruiell, a two-time Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee, in his book THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF COMBATIVE FLOW.

Additionally, martial arts master Edward Armstrong has written two books about his experience as Peter’s student. THE WISDOM OF THE MYSTIC MOUNTAIN WARRIOR developed from Armstrong’s conversations with the reclusive sage and the instruction he received in his mountaintop retreat. Peter had slipped away from the world as we commonly experience it and for thirty years lived on Mystic Mountain, on the border of the Smoky Mountains National Park; Armstrong’s quest for a spiritual master led him there after he read a book about Peter called THE MAGIC MAN. After several years of attending private seminars at Peter’s home, Armstrong related his fascinating experiences in another book, THE PATH TO MYSTIC MOUNTAIN.

It is what he has become that draws so many of us to him. His kindness, his poetic expressions and meditative reflections, and his love of quietude speak to our hearts and awaken a longing to fully open to what he has found. He spends his days with his wife Katrina on their secluded farm, along with six dogs and three cats. He prefers simplicity and serenity to the spotlight, but also realizes his responsibility to share the message of compassion, tolerance, and spiritual awakening with others. For this purpose, he makes himself available on and Peter invites you to sign up for his free inspirational newsletter.


Show Highlights:

-Peter does what he wants, but the things he wants to do enhance life, keep him healthy, and make him happy.

-He’s a believer in rising early. Allows time to prepare for the day, reset your mind, eliminates the need to rush, less stress, reduced cortisol spikes.

-Good Luck Family on his private Facebook page. Mentorship program with a handful of people, occasional physical gatherings. Like a large extended family.

-Living a simpler, quieter, limitless life.

-Sit down in the morning and write down ideas that you’d like to implement in life. Sign it. Commit to one idea and follow through. Ideas make money, not time.

-Energy is the power of intention deep within us. Set the intention and then set it loose.

-Have a playfulness about life. You win when you don’t care if you win.

-Relish the time of right now. Don’t chase after satisfaction, it’s here now.

-Resistance training for pro-youthing. Beneficial effect of vigorous strenuous exercise on reducing mortality. Exercise breaks down tissue; muscle is rebuilt in recuperation time. High maintenance level helps retain the ability to repair the body.

-What gets measured gets managed. Keep records of exercise time. Where was I and where am I today?

-Exercise vs. training with an objective. Do something every day and stick with it for it to become a positive habit pattern. Spiking HGH, endorphin, testosterone and muscle mass; lowering insulin.

-Peter believes in superfoods. Hemp seeds with oats, berries, and pine pollen; he sho wu, gingseng extracts, nettle root, tongkat ali, shilajit, wildcrafted herbs (also uses Lost Empire Herbs) and mushrooms. Reishi, chaga, cordyceps, turkey tail.

-Keep diet clean, get sufficient hydration and sleep. Eating in the right fashion: breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper. Daily fast from early dinner to breakfast. He follows a raw vegan diet and has impressive muscles.

-Don’t listen to what anyone says, including him. He lives life with rational self interest.

-Mind what is under our own control. He lives the best life possible for him and others should live the best possible life for themselves.

-Develop friends, and your friends are your other self.

-His property has a diversity of habitats. He forages for herbs and mushrooms, wild fruit trees, and paw paws and grows raised bed gardens.

-On his wife Katrina’s Instagram – 365 days of gratitude. Daily practice of offering gratitude throughout the day. Gratitude changes the saliva. Inhaling the first rays of the sun. Being conscious in the window just before falling asleep.

-Going to bed early regulates the hormones. Charges up leptin, suppresses ghrelin. Sleep deficient people more prone to high blood pressure, heart disease. Rhythms set body cycles.

-Bringing back to balance is the yin and the yang. Return to the zero point.

-Animals instinctively know. Are people any different? We can think and reason plus know intuitively.

-Listener asks about what if you have a health problem. First thing is acceptance that you are where you are. No self-recrimination. Then, take the next step. What is the remedy? Each of us has the power to decide, which changes the attitude and becomes the first step of healing.

-We interrupt by becoming anxious and worried. The body knows; it has its own intelligence.

-There is no magic pill, no magic bullet. You already have what you need right in this moment. We can replenish every red cell in a month. Can grow a new liver in 30 days.

-Do the thing and you shall have the power.

-Fat cells hold the toxins. We release toxins when we burn fat cells. More lean mass means burning more fat cells. To avoid weight gain, don’t eat late in the evening.

-Likes coconut oil, black cumin oil. Uses some EVOO. Recipes on Katrina’s website. 5 ingredient non-dairy butter.

-Free e-book on breathing and longevity, plus Keys to Limitless Living.

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