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Ph.D. in Chemistry from M.I.T


Listen to this show and you will understand exactly how plaque builds up in the arteries and veins and what the initial causes are 


“Today medicine focuses too much on “sick care” and not enough on “health care.” The treatments we get from our doctors come from the 10 largest drug companies in the world who use research to determine the most profitable drugs to bring to market. These companies barely scratch the surface of available knowledge when they go through their selection process for drug development. At RealHealth Clinics, we have delved into the medical literature from across the globe and through time to bring our patients methods and treatments that far exceed the efficacy of those provided through the current medical delivery system called the “standard-of-care.” More importantly, every thing we do to make our patients well is based on a fundamental understanding of the root-causes of diseases. Thus, your RealHealth doctors are treating causes – not just controlling and suppressing symptoms. To get well from Alzheimer’s – your doctor MUST identify and treat causes.

Dr. Thomas J. Lewis is a Medical Scientist. He holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from MIT and certification from the Harvard School of Public Health. He is an entrepreneur and healthcare professional with expertise in toxic substances, drug development, biotechnology, health technology, and medical protocol development. For the past 12 years he has worked closely with senior researchers and clinicians at Harvard Medical School and has developed a program for chronic disease root cause prevention, screening, diagnosis, and treatment. Alzheimer’s disease and the most serious eye diseases, macular degeneration and glaucoma have been a particular focus.

Dr. Lewis opened the first-of-its-kind Alzheimer’s prevention, screening, early detection, and treatment center in the Orlando, Florida area in 2014. He works closely with Dr. Clement Trempe, 41 years at Harvard Medical School who is one of few doctors in the world who treats chronic eye diseases as systemic inflammatory conditions – and reverses these conditions with great success. It was through this work that Dr. Trempe developed his protocol for diagnosing, treating, and reversing Alzheimer’s disease that is now an integral part of the RealHealth Clinics offering.

Dr. Lewis has written two books:  “The End of Alzheimer’s – A Differential Diagnosis Toward a Cure,” and “Quarterback Your Own Health – How to Take and Lower Your Chronic Disease Temperature.” Both these books explain how RealHealth Clinics makes our patients well – even the most severely afflicted Alzheimer’s sufferer.

He has also launched a program to help corporation who self-fund their healthcare reduce their healthcare costs, improve employee productivity and moral by creating health in populations. The main focus of this program is chronic disease prevention, root cause investigation and treatments. Chronic disease costs are 75% of healthcare spend but programs to reduce this are largely unavailable.

He has several patents and numerous publications. The most recent patent involves the identification and use of both physiological and pathological biomarkers that are able to accurately predict future morbidity (disease) and mortality. This risk is presented by way of a single risk value coined your “Chronic Disease Temperature™. He has also created a software-based medical intake form that is designed to determine the current and future risk of accelerated aging and chronic disease in individuals – called the RealHealth Living Profile™. These tools are currently being used in his clinics and in corporations to identify those at highest risk of illness and determine best practices to create, restore, or optimize health.

You can consult with Dr. Lewis from around the World at link below

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The vascular system and how all the veins and arteries are obviously  all the same.

Cataracts and Glaucoma are sure signs of some sort infection of either bacteria, virus, fungus or mold

The brain uses ten times the oxygen as other organs in our body

Unfolded proteins are trying to protect the eye as a natural mechanism 

unknown hidden infections are rampant with Cataracts 

Sixteen World Wide studies confirm the Cataract infection paradigm 

Amyloid plague is formed in interesting ways indeed

The LDL scenario used by physicians today is just not right

Cholesterol is needed for all the hormones to work.  180 appears to be the minimum Cholesterol number for hormone functionality

Fat soluble vitamins are essential for immune function

There are two different types of antibiotics.  One carpet bombs all the good guys and the other targets and doesn’t disrupt the microbiome of the gut

Insulin resistance fleshed out brilliantly by Dr. Lewis

Blood tests are mostly equal, the important aspect is the getting them properly analysed

The amount of Fibrinogen circulating is important to measure for imflamation

Mid Victorian is the healthiest diet we never heard of 

Tom Lewis PhD on topics ranging from inflammation, the cause of eye diseases and cholesterol, January 29, 2019 ONE

Tom Lewis PhD on topics ranging from inflammation, the cause of eye diseases and cholesterol, January 29, 2019 TWO

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  1. January 31, 2019 @ 7:37 pm Kim

    Absolutely love the shows with Tom Lewis! I’m from Holyoke Ma with plenty of Italian relatives in Boston. The cataract connection is amazing to know! Thank you!


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