When anything goes..

and usually does!


The first part of the show is a simple explanation of how “We create our own reality” that even Patrick understands by talking to himself like he’s a young child or a Golden Retriever


The Dental Associations from around the World are trying to force Netflix and Amazon to take down the documentary “Root Cause” that Patrick had a small hand in producing.

Where have all the wasps gone

Time is not all it is cracked up to be

Looking and Seeing for oneself is the only way to know anything for sure

There is always a way is one of the most profound Spiritual Truths ever

We hear from Roger in Florida talking about a no vaccine Dr. who is getting hammered by The Boys..One Radio Network

His name is Dr. Ron Kennedy M.D. and he is scheduled for our show February 14th. at 11 AM Central

The Globalist also known as Internationalists are attempting a Coup d’ etat of President Trump, not the political Left

You are Soul, You do not have a Soul

The Dental Associations from around the World are trying to force Netflix and Amazon to take down the documentary “Root Cause” that Patrick had a small hand in producing.

Low Dose Naltrexone for dogs

From Atom and other emails:  That’s the same American Dental Association that conspired with the Atomic Energy Commission to give the world fluoridated water and fluoridated toothpaste (not to mention nuclear power).

I concur with your words about how we are soul. My head didn’t explode. I wish I could call but I’m working. Are you still considering doing a video show on youtube? If any at all, I would love to see you interacting with Dr. Massey and Gracey! You guys get me cracking up and the Doc has such an infectious laugh, then other times the things they talk about bring a tear to my eye

We talked about eyestrain and computers and pinhole glasses over “cheater” glasses being a better choice

From Atom:   Eyesight Foods — Pistachios in the morning, sunflower seeds at midday, carrots at night. Cataracts are a urinary bladder issue.

Glaucoma is a gall bladder issue.

Here is the link to the Pharmacy in Mexico Ray Peat gave to Patrick. , by all a well run, legit, honest place.

Using the Mold Relief product from Living Streams..and a listener sent this in to possibly rent a fogger rather than purchase

Instead of buying an expensive tri-jet fogger, it may be possible to rent a similar fogger from Home Depot for a low cost.  You probably won’t find such a specialized item available at every store, but it wouldn’t hurt to check.  Search for “mold removal fogger rental” on their site.  Cost in the Houston area shows $19 for 4 hours, $27 for a day.

Open Phone and Email Friday with Doodle, You and Patrick, February 1, 2019

'Open Phone Friday – What We Think, What We Believe and, What We Accept is Our Reality – February 1, 2019' have 4 comments

  1. February 3, 2019 @ 10:18 am Rose farrell

    Hello has anyone got the details for the Mexican pharmacy that Patrick mentioned?
    Many thanks Rose


  2. February 4, 2019 @ 2:57 pm C

    Patrick you should get a TV, and you could watch the words come out of Donald Trump’s mouth, that makes no sense, incoherent sentences from an idiot…. lies upon lies


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