Open Phone Friday

“when anything goes…

…and usually does”


Patrick talks about experimenting with castor oil and turpentine for the past week

We get into some of the Taoist ideas on sexuality, ejaculations, orgasms, and healing

The proof is in the pudding in all trials and successes on Planet Earth

Does turpentine, over time, de-calcify the Pineal Gland

Dream experiences with old friends and relatives who have translated

Experimenting with piggy thyroid

Listener says his wife is feeling the effects, good, with Andreas’ Aphex Hemp Oil

Some emails:

Atom writes:  

I’m backing the slow pulse.   Some of the most energetic people I know have slow pulses.
Boron, readily accessible in Borax, is a great fluoride detoxifier.  Other things to detox fluoride include iodine, vitamin C, tamarind tea, and apple pectin:

Also from Atom and a subject we’ll dig into on Monday’s show:  

The Yogis called sexual and procreative mastery Tologomy — Applied Heredity.
Samson’s X-Men powers were allegedly created by his father (Manoah) and mother practicing Tologomy.
The Yogis called sexual and procreative mastery Tologomy — Applied Heredity.

So how do we, as men, disperse the (sexual ) energy, in a , pleasing to God , not hurting anyone, kind of a way?

Patrick..which of your guests should I call who can refer me to an outlet for cell phone covers so I am protected from the vibes when I carry it?  Patrick suggested contacting Ken Rhola at Fresh and Alive and also Brandon at Blue Shield, (links to both on our front page) and ask them.

Patrick mentioned a good friend who’s tuned into such matters and says there a a couple of models of cell phones that are quite safe and throw out the electro magnetic garbage away from the phone.  And even better use it in speaker phone mode.  Here are the two links we received:   Suggesting a couple top of the list for low radiation phones:

Samsung Galaxy J3 5″ display   Amazon Link

Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus 6″display   Amazon Link

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