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Patrick and Sharon talk with listeners, and each other, pondering emailed questions from the audience, taking a look at the latest news, and having a lot of fun. You’re invited to participate; we’d love to hear from you!


Show Highlights:


-Le Pen vs. Macron election on Sunday. Macron reported to have a 20 point lead today.

-House passed Obamacare repeal on Thursday. On to the Senate.

-Weight loss on Jeannette Hyde’s gut makeover program. No snacks, daily 12 hour fast, no grains or sugar, for 4 weeks. See how your body responds to foods as they’re reintroduced.

-Listener got help with his ropeworms from Robin Goffe, a ORN guest, and using MMS. sells MMS. Alex Volinsky is a lead rope worm researcher.

-Peter says Jim Humble is the MMS man. Would turpentine work as well as MMS? Peter found using sulfur helped Mr. Happy. Why are dreams so vivid with sulfur? Is it the increased oxygenation? On the fence about his cholesterol levels between what his conventional doc tells him and what Dr. Jennifer Daniels says. Listen to Dr. Uffe Ravnskov’s ORN shows about cholesterol. Peter wins 2 ORN t-shirts for calling in.

-Patrick is liking how hyaluronic acid feels on his skin. He raves about how great a man’s skin looks because of his BioCell Collagen use. It comes from chickens, reduces lines and wrinkles in skin. Sharon really likes Best Collagen Types 1 & 3 from Doctor’s Best; they also have a good probiotic. Products are in ORN store.

-Jill says organic sulfur is helping her skin and hair and helping her sleep through the night. Also helping her brother’s impaired memory.

Hour 2

-How to remember Atom’s web sites. “TST” for try solar timing. Remember “Subscribe” with 2 s’s for Sun Sync Nutrition. Using associations for remembering names. Programming your mind with a question – e.g. ask yourself “Why do I enjoy restful sleep each night?” and you’ll sleep better.

-Silly headlines. Model Christy Teigen says Donald Trump should pay for her botox because of the crippling anxiety Trump causes her. Woman swallows $7,000 during fight with husband in an attempt to hide the cash.

-Lynn says not all nebulizers let you use colloidal silver; short lifespan is an issue with many. She suggested contacting Gary Hanna at Nature’s Pure Organics for a good nebulizer.

-Patrick McGean says you can nebulize sulfur. Use 1 tsp. of sulfur per 4 ounces of distilled water, same as what you spray in your eyes.

-Scams in everything nowadays. Fake news, fake viruses, fake healthcare.

-Sharon shares her supernatural dream about homeless Larry coming to her in a dream 2 days after he passed on, looked spiffy and happy.

Hour 3
-Julie disagrees with Dr. Fuhrman. She wonders about hydrogen peroxide in retail raw milk killing the good bacteria. Now blessed with herdshare raw milk from a source near her, feels like it’s a spiritual experience. Thinks her body type requires animal products. Loves Dr. Cowan’s book “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart”. Doesn’t feel any difference from Synergy One – do you always feel a difference if a supplement is helping? Need to have an open mind about diets. Liked Dr. Robert Morse.

-Larry said Coca-Cola was used because phosphoric acid dissolves stones. Patrick wants to try Andreas Seed Oils 5-seed oil blend with lemon juice.

-Lynn recommends looking at the Weston A. Price Foundation website for their critical review of a Dr. Fuhrman book.

-Patrick opines that real health is being able to eat any quality food that he wants, to digest and eliminate it, and to do everything he wants to do physically and spiritually.

-According to Atom, all lectins are not created equal, are good ones and bad ones, some cancer-fighting ones.

-Patrick’s shared the spiritual story of how he got started in Eckankar 30 years ago. Was fired in 1986 from a radio station. Got involved in a sort of gypsy compound for a few months, lived in a tent, no car, few belongings, no money except unemployment. Had the realization he needed to get out. Prayed for a week about what to do. 2 men drove in to the compound, 1 seemed to have a special knowing. They had conversations; in time the fellow gave Patrick an Eckankar book. A couple days later they both escaped in the middle of the night. They both hung out in a house of the man’s friend’s, he was available to talk to Patrick whenever Patrick wanted, didn’t ask for anything. They are still friends and Patrick is still a follower of Eckankar.

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