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Andrew Gause may just be the top man anywhere for the highest quality analysis into the world of money we all live in. Andrew is a currency historian, an internationally recognized expert on the United States monetary system. He’s written two books, “The Secret World of Money” and “Uncle Sam Cooks the Books”. You can order these books as well as speak to Andrew personally. As a One Radio Network listener, you’ll have highest priority in his phone time. His # is 800.468.2646


Show Highlights:

Banking access for marijuana dealers has been cut off at the federal level.  Credit card companies can’t knowingly take an account from a marijuana dealer, even though the state has legalized marijuana.  At the federal level, marijuana is still illegal.  Merchant can’t take your credit card for a marijuana sale.  Crypto currencies are stepping in as the middleman.  You can use your credit card to buy bitcoin, and use bitcoins to purchase marijuana.  The state of Colorado is on the plastic too and not on the couch.

The corporate entity on mortgage documents for real estate in Texas, for example, is the State Of Texas and not Texas.  A corporate entity doesn’t have to follow laws of common law.

Loving v. Virginia -was a case about prohibition of interracial marriage by the state of Virginia, not the corporate entity of Virginia.   The Supreme Court told the state of Virginia it couldn’t do that.

You have to work through administrative law before it reaches organic law.   Cases must work through appeals and district courts before it reaches US Supreme Court, which bases cases on organic law.  E.g.  AMA works hand in hand with the FDA.  A doctor fighting a failure to follow standard of care case is in the corporation seeking justice before he reaches an organic law court.

e.g.  Upholding “No state shall make any thing  but gold and silver coin a tender as payment of debts” would take untold millions going through “corporate entity” courts  to get the case to the Supreme Court.   Intermediate courts have suspended specie payment.

At law, there is no difference between a $20 bill and a $20 gold coin.

Your grandchildren are being born into economic bondage.  It take $.77 of every dollar of federal revenue to pay for US debt.

Mark Zuckerberg wants universal basic income – everyone gets a check.

US healthcare costs $3 trillion.  Big pharma was in on writing Obamacare.  Are they in on the replacement care plan?

Case of Perry vs. US regarding the 1935 federal government redemption of  a 1918 bond.  Paying with current money is legal for paying for off contracts, even if the current money doesn’t have the value of the money invested when the contract was written.

Raoul Paul talks about the mania in Bitcoin.  We’re in the exponential growth phase now.  Anything that goes up exponentially crashes.  India has devised a blockchain system on a much bigger scale than Bitcoin.  Currency based based blockchain systems make sense, but not token based blockchain systems like Bitcoin.  Cost of storage of each megabyte of storage has plunged to nothing.  Neither Raoul nor Andy like Bitcoin as a store of value.  It’s only an electronic representation of wealth.  It will get kicked to the curb.

Fractional reserve banking works through the demand pull of a depreciating currency.  In the opposite situation, with appreciating currency, no one would want to spend it, because it will always be worth more.

Hour 2

Oliver Stone 4-part series on Showtime about Putin.  Putin understand the US better than most Americans do.  Russia doesn’t care who the US president is, they know who has the power.  Russia has to be the bogeyman for NATO to exist.  Putin wants to tie blockchain technology to the ruble.

Did Trump collude with the Russians?  FBI offered US citizenship, immunity, and a home to a Russian if he would falsely admit to being a hacker.

Andy predicts we will eliminate the $100 and $50 from our currency in our lifetime.  $100,000 bill and smaller denominations existed at one time.

Zimbabwe, Venezuela – we and other governments corrupt the institution that is government, then buy into the favors they’re willing to give out.  Boys in the US and CIA tried to tip election away form Hugo Chavez.  We mobilized private forces, funded them, and had them do what the government can’t legally do.  See the movie “Charlie Wilson’s War”.  Zimbabwe – legendary inflation, worse in the history of man.

Liquidity crisis – too much debt, too many derivatives, insolvent balance sheet.  Solvency crisis – when there aren’t assets to trade.  We’ve already monetized all the liquid assets there are.  Only fictitious assets left.

Trump’s proposed rollback of Dodd-Frank.  Glass-Steagall repealed in 1998 as Clinton was on his way out.   Repeal allowed commercial and investment banks to merge.  Commercial banks could use depositors’ money to invest in worthless assets.  TARP bailed out the banks and investors.  New legislation would go back to pre-Dodd-Frank but post Glass-Steagall.   Many protections will be dissolved, considered to be too cumbersome.

Mr. Jim Rogers predicts a big crash later this year or next.  3 big banks were recently given a 3 yr. extension of their requirement to divest bad legacy funds,  e.g.  MBS and CDOs that are ill-liquid but on the balance sheet.  They’re ill-liquid already, but if the regulations the banks are violating are abolished , there’s no requirement to divest themselves of these funds.  Andy agrees with a pending fall crash, when fiscal years end.

Wage-price disparity.  We are seeing higher prices;  wages have been stagnant but may raise to accommodate.  People at the bottom of economic spectrum may benefit from more social programs, such as  Zuckerberg is advocating.  People in the middle, with stocks, bonds, assets,  should be be prepared for erosion in stocks and especially bonds.  If Fed raises interest again today, that will immediately send bond prices down.  Read prospectus of your funds to know if you are unknowingly funding someone else’s debt, such as corporate paper or junk bonds.

Karen asks about an Austin credit union charging fees for an IRA.  Bank realizes they’re losing money for every IRA they offer.

Lucretia wonders if China’s selling of bonds will affect housing prices.   China is very ill-liquid.  20% of their assets have no value at all.  One of the world’s largest creditors, but also one of the world’s largest debtors.  They use money as a tool for political reasons.  E.g. offer Zimbabwe a bunch of money.  China is now a net seller of US debt.  $800 billion in their reserves are spread among Chinese state-owned enterprises, which may have better returns but China can’t sell them.  China would like to recreate the Silk Road and has invested in infrastructure, which left them highly indebted.

Did Jeff Sessions talk to the Russians?  Yes.  Did Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort work for Russia.  Yes.  Just the usual political operations; the Russian thing is a non-deal.  Andy doesn’t believe Comey for a minute, nor Jeff Sessions.  We’re not mad about the collusion to reveal behavior, we’re mad about the underlying behavior.

Did Hillary talk to the Russians while arrangements were made to sell US uranium reserves to the Russians?  You think?

Going after Trump for violating the emolument clause.  Trump is continuing to do business with foreign governments because he has the best hotel in Washington.  One more thing to keep Trump distracted and not pursuing his tax program.

60% of US debt due in 5 years.  Better to restructure to a longer payback.

Pensions defaulting.  In an era of low interest rates, pension managers bought riskier investments to try to make enough money to pay obligations.

Real estate shouldn’t represent the bulk of your assets.  Not as liquid as you think it is.  Best to mortgage it to the hilt.


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